Thursday, March 13, 2008

List #13: The Beading Class list

The book that I have been taking my lists of completed projects from has reached its end. I went looking for the scraps of paper and the other book last night. I think most of 1997 is in the new book because I can't find any scraps about that year. Unfortunately, I can't find that book. You'll have to wait until I can really look. Instead, a short list of things that annoyed me last night (and the week before) at bead class.
  1. I had collected my beads and was ready to start the project at 6:50. Class begins at 6:30 with the selecting of the beads.
  2. At 7:25, the instructor sat down to show us what to do with our beads. Because she was still helping a woman select her beads.
  3. She showed us how to make a loop in an eye pin. I waited 40 minutes for this?
  4. At 7:35 the woman who couldn't select her own beads wanted more help choosing beads. When the instructor handed her some yellow beads, she said, "I don't like faceted beads." (I don't really either, but I've found if you mix in a very few, they look really good.)
  5. When the instructor handed her some amber beads, she said, "these are too expensive." I was wishing I had a loaded gun.
  6. For the next (last) two classes, we're getting kits. One stupid idiot can't choose three beads to string together and they institute kits? On the one hand, this is a fabulous solution for the whiner and we'll get started on time. On the other hand, I can choose a bead in less than 20 minutes!
  7. I know she's not going to like the kit choices. I am guaranteeing you this.
  8. When we did the fringe bracelet (I'm almost done! Really. I'll have two beaded projects to show on Saturday.)...When we did the fringe bracelet, another woman, who was mercifully absent last night, kept complaining that she couldn't do it. Couldn't choose beads (though she was trying to match a necklace she was Afghan wedding necklace just so you know how pretentious she was). Couldn't pick up a needle. Couldn't string beads. Couldn't figure out where to come up. Couldn't figure out where to go back in. Every move she made was prefaced by how she couldn't do it. Gah.
  9. Also, we had to listen to how rich her nieces and nephews were. Very, very rich!
  10. This is the second week that I've left without finishing my project. The first one is really my doing--I chose to make several fringes where most people did one. But last night, well, see #2. Last semester, in the glory days when people could choose beads, I left with 4 finished projects. (The knotting class did take quite a bit of time even for those beading rockstars.)


Casa Pearl said...

OMG I'm surprised you didn't start screaming. I have a friend who bought a new toy that shoots six bullets very quickly. He's trying to seduce me into buying one - want me to send it to you? Hope the rest of the classes are better.

Anonymous said...

Are you a whiner magnet? :) :) :)
Kind of reminds me of camp, "Why do I have to have the broooowwwn one? I don't like the brooooowwwn one."

To paraphrase Tom Hanks, "There's no WHINING in arts and crafts!"


Lee said...

Good Lord, I'm surprised that some of them even found their way to the class....

Have you had classes with the same instructor before? Sounds like she kind of sets the tone by making you all wait while she caters to the needy ones.

Coral said...

The whiner sounds like someone who wants somebody else to do her beading for her!

May be you could make a lasso necklace for her, and tighten it?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Coral. It really disrupts the flow of the class for everyone else by having one who lacks the confidence to take the world by storm and risk finishing a project themself. But the instructor needs to set boundaries and stick to them on a start time too. I wouldn't be a very good instructor.

Anna van Schurman said...

Lee, I have had classes with this instructor/assistant combo before (in fact they taught all but one class last time). We've NEVER started this late.

The thing of it with this woman is that in the first class she announced how taking the class was for her as much about getting out and being with other adult women as it was making the beaded things. I guess I thought that that meant she wanted company more than necklaces but apparently it just meant she was wicked needy.

Cathy said...

Whiners are the worst!

Adrienne said...

How do you not stab anyone with your pliers?

Maybe it's best that I don't take bead classes...

Jacque said...

I'm voting for the lasso will only hurt her for a minute! : )

I think these same women frequent our McDonald's. They stand and look up at the menu like they've never seen it or heard of hamburgers before. I get absolutely crazy with the heavy sighing embarrassing Marc, but it makes me feel much better!

Michelle said...

Sounds like my knitting class where the instructor took up our entire class time helping two ladies shop for a "project". I was so mad. Hope the class gets better, how frustrating!