Wednesday, March 12, 2008

List #12, 1996

I have beading class tonight. I haven't finished last week's bracelet yet, but that's because I think more is better unlike many of my classmates. I have one and a half more passes to make it look the way I want. Tonight, "regal chain necklace." I have no idea what that means until I get there--isn't that exciting!

Edited: Added photos
  • Candy Box, CC&N magazine I stitched this for my mother. Very fancy. Those empty candy cups were quite the pain to stitch, too much metallic floss.

  • February 16, 1996 Samplers of the month, February by Linda P. Reeves in JCS. I stitched this as a birthday present for Sissy. These were so cute and so a la plage. I mean stitching with Watercolors and Access Commodity beads!
  • March 24, 1996 Very Victorian Mini Sampler, Sue Stokes—third SOCS Festival (Winston-Salem). This one is framed. It's in the basement waiting to find the right wall to live on.

  • Sunflower smalls by Lauren Sauer. I finished these at various times: the scissor case was finished March 25, 1996—lost less than a year later. But the needlebook is in the to be finished pile.
  • June 16, 1996: Wedding sampler: “A Free Heart,” Kandace Thomas: Take II. I'm telling you--it's the go-to sampler. Stitched for a couple of friends from grad school.
  • July 12, 1996 Starry Night, Catherine Theron, JCS. One day the dude wondered why we didn't have any of my stitching hanging on the walls. I stitched this to remedy that. He chose the pattern. He really digs things that are out of proportion.

  • August 2, 1996 Mini motif sampler Sue Stokes. My first attempt at Lacis. Also, this is the pattern I would teach to novice stitchers in Poland in 1998.

  • Summer 1996 Used part of the SOCS 1994 Commemorative sampler to make pillowcases for a friend’s wedding shower. It was one of those time-of-day showers; I had 10:00 pm. I stitched waste canvas on 250 ct sheets. This was another time I turned to rctn for help and received it when someone sent me English steel needles. Do you know how difficult it is to stitch on 250 count sheets with a blunt needle?
  • December 20, 1996 Prairie Schooler Santa on a prefinished pillow. Made it for my great aunt. The one who sent me the fudge recipe.


C in DC said...

Do you have a photo of any of the instances of the 'go-to' wedding sampler? It'd be nice to see it.

Anna van Schurman said...

The only photo I have of that wedding sampler is not complete. This photo shows the majority of the piece. Initials are placed on either side of the middle heart and the date above the lower heart. Blue flowers on the outside of the border (you can see a few).

monique said...

That candy box is cool :)

C in DC said...

Thanks. I've been enjoying the pictures of your stitching a lot.

XmaryX said...

Anna- THANK YOU! I'd be happy to trade a slightly used, self-righteous, know-it-all 20-year old daughter for giving me the hint on making link-y things! You've changed my blogging life forever!
(BTW- daughter comes with a large tuition bill.)
I'm loving your old needleworks; do you find that you framed most of your older stuff? It's only recently that I've thought of finishing in other ways besides framing. I gave away probably 97% of all my early stuff, and the ex-husband has all (or did) my photos of them (I forgot to clean out the photo album when I scrammed). Damn- I KNEW I forgot something!

Michelle said...

Ok - this may begin two weeks in review commenting for me. LOL! I love the candy box and Starry Night. Can't wait to see the new beaded pieces you're making!