Monday, March 10, 2008

List #10: 1994

  • A Free Heart, Kandace Thomas wedding sampler that appeared in JCS. The first of many times (this is my go-to wedding sampler), for my father’s cousin.
  • I Love Dogs, Jeremiah Junction I stitched the Airedale for my aunt on a sweatshirt. This time I used the appropriate sized waste canvas!
  • April 1994: Anniversary sampler “Leisure Arts Contest Favorites” Cindy McVey. Stitched for my aunt and uncle’s 25th wedding anniversary which had been the November before. We went on a cruise in March to celebrate. I would have finished in time for the celebratory cruise, but I ran out of one of the floss colors on the ship! They don't sell DMC on ships, did you know that?
  • Summer 1994: To Everything a Season, from a magazine. I stitched this for one of my father's sisters for Christmas when I picked her name. She loved it, but that was back when she spoke to my father. Who knows what fate has befallen it? Also, I bought a pattern called Aunt Ina to stitch for her because how many people in the world have an aunt called Ina? Want to trade?
  • July 1994: Bunny Bear birth sampler, Alma Lynne. Stitched for a cousin's daughter (Ina's granddaughter). I did a pretty nice job finishing this too. Sadly, I never made one for her sister. She was born when I was actually working on the dissertation.

I'll see about scanning some of the photos. I only have pictures of the last three. But tonight I have sewing class. I'm making a quilted messenger bag.


C in DC said...

It's nice seeing how your stitching tastes evolve over time. A lot of my early projects were kits on Aida and small because I was in college and graduate school. I look at a lot of the patterns I stitched in the early '90s and say to myself, what was I thinking?! I'm so glad I discovered linen and specialty stitches.

Lee said...

I wonder what happened to some of the things I gave away as gifts, too. Usually I wonder about wedding samplers that ended in bad divorces.

I'll bet you can find some of my stuff in yard sales in Philly. Unless it's been burned. But surely they would save the frame??

I hope you take a picture of the messenger bag!