Thursday, February 14, 2008

Brain Dump

Random things:
  • I have an infection which you don't want to hear about (Rhymes with TMI.) and is making me cranky and sleepy. Last night I went to bed at 9:00. Sorry, Michelle, no mermaid.

  • My bil (really cousin's husband but that takes so long to write) keeps hounding us to come up with inventions.

  • One Saturday morning while we were lying awake in bed, the dude asked me what kind of a restaurant I would open. After much thought, I went with a meatloaf restaurant called Loaf. Because it's short for meatloaf and who doesn't like to loaf? My bil was completely perplexed by that last part. He really needs to learn how to relax.
  • The dude's restaurant was a pie restaurant--he's a huge pot pie fan. And he likes the idea of eating pie and then more pie. We're calling it Pie Hole. We're not sure if we should add a "Shut Your" or a "Fill Your" to that. So for now...Pie Hole.
  • In coming up with the meatloaf restaurant, and the meatlof of last week, (which you have to try--and with that particular brand of soy sauce) I realized it's really hard to get the first slice of meatloaf out, so my invention: a springform meatloaf pan. (Of course, you could just turn the meatloaf out of the regular pan before you hack away at it but that would be inefficient in a restaurant.)
  • The airedale (over there --->) is my cousin. His name is Jameson, after the whisky. When I put up the "blog for choice" thumbnail, I lost the self-portrait I had up there. I found this picture on my drive. I stuck him in because the photo totally shows his personality. I'm not really a terrier person; they have too much energy (see above). Labs are my dog of choice.
  • At Naked Chocolate today the line was almost out the door. What was I thinking? Then some joker says, "you'd think it was Valentine's Day or something."

  • There's a horrible greenish hue being cast in my office (and the photo was taken with a phone). My favorites are the truffles with the word "naked" on them--how is that not a brilliant gift?


Kim said...

Guess you don't watch Pushing Daisies... (check out the Plot section)

Feel better!

Geggie said...

that is one cute dog, I'm aterrier fan myself

Cathy said...

I was going to mention Pushing Daisies as well. Their restaurant is even pie shaped. Great minds think alike, and all that.

Mmmm...Naked Chocolate. Christy and Michelle got us a little sampler box for Christmas, and darn it, I had to eat the whole thing. Rob's nut allergy makes sampler boxes a little scary for him.

jo said...

We've played this game, but with bars instead of restaurants. DH and friends idea is a place called Sit N Bitch - where there would be topics on the table for you in case you can't think of anything to complain about. My idea was to turn the former funeral parlor in my hometown into a bar. Everyone in town is already accustomed to going there and talking with old friends.

Anna van Schurman said...

I told the dude about Pushing Daisies and this is his response, "How do these people get inside my head?"

Jo, I think Janet Evanovich is in your head...

Michelle said...

Chocolate is always a great gift - but even better if it says "naked" on it. I didn't get to the mermaid either on Wed, since we went out to dinner. Next week. My computer is going to have to be replaced too, but in the meantime I just keep yelling at it, which is annoying Eric. Maybe he'll go buy one faster if I continue to annoy him.

doahleigh said...

The pie restaurant made me think of the meat pies in Sweeney Todd. Yum.

The springform meatloaf pan: brilliant.

Kim said...

LOL. Thanks for the follow-up

Miriam said...

... so the airedale ... is your cousin? hehe. I met an airedale once who acted just like my Yorkie. That's five times more spazz than I can handle.