Friday, December 14, 2007

Help, I'm in a Handbasket

When I woke up this morning, my house was 52 degrees. Fahrenheit. So something's wrong there.

So as I shivered, I sat down and wrote a list of everything I have to get done before the relatives descend Thursday: wrap boss's birthday gift; finish-finish Sissy's (new*) present; finish-finish "beer;" finish-finish stockings; finish-finish uncle's ornament; buy a point setter; buy oranges; buy cloves; make pomanders with the kids; clean the house; buy a candle holder for Christmas candles in bathroom; call re lobster (10-12 lbs); buy tall purple pillar candle; put up second tree; buy purple paper plates; see if Home Goods has purple/orange/gold table runner (to match the napkins); paint front door, final coat; put up storm door; hang wreath; paint patches around door and in hallway; get rid of chair**; put out all cardboard recycling; find a place/way to display Christmas cards; buy ribbon for presents; buy candle for snowman holder that is on display; pick up gifts from framer; buy pierogis from ladies in Port Richmond; check out progress in human cloning, see how you can speed it up.

But first, my sister calls just before the office holiday party yesterday: "doctor, bump, leg, remove, biopsy 7-9 days, appointment January 21st, cried, January 2, cancer. Oh, and can you babysit the nieces for me on Friday night?" Talked to my mom who has organized a prayer chain over this bump on my sister's leg. Fortunately, I did wake up eventually and remember that I work in the development office of a hospital. If raising money for a hospital doesn't get you special privileges, what should? When I got to work, I called my friendly orthopaedic surgeon, and now my sister has an appointment on Monday with one of the best plastic surgeons in Philadelphia. And my mother will take all the credit...there was a prayer chain after all.

The heating people are coming to my house today, so I will have to go home, and I'm starting to think this may be the most brilliant thing that could have happened. I can start working on the list instead of doing, well, whatever it is they pay me to do around here...

*I made the JBW reindeer on the way to and in England; she has a little collection.
**when I bought the craft room chairs, the first pair I ordered they only sent one because it was out of stock. One chair, nobody could call to see if I wanted just one?


Margie said...

Tis the season.... and all that! I hope you get caught up and you get some heat soon!

C in DC said...

That's quite the list of things to get done in a week.

It amazes me how often stores will send you part of what you ordered when they don't have the complete set. MIL ordered a rocking chair and ottoman for BIL and SIL when they were expecting. Even tho' the rocking chair was no longer available, the store still sent the ottoman, and without the shipping discount for having purchased over $x. Crazy.

Good thoughts to your sister. Please keep us posted on her prognosis. Knowing she has a sister like you near by must be a comfort.

Barbara said...

Woohoo - your mom's prayer chains are a thing to be reckoned with!

Regarding "buy a point setter" - is this a dog?? ;)

Redwitch said...

Thanks for my threads! I mailed ya! Good thoughts for your sis and hope you get through your list, am tired just reading it! {hugs}

Robin said...

Anna, Good thoughts are being sent for your sister and family.

Your list is making me hyperventilate! So much to do-so much to do.
I get the point setter reference(think Christmas flower fellow blogger) but I am at a loss as to the Patricia Cornwell reference and luggage. Please it is going to drive me bonkers-I have read all her books and in fact I am reading her latest one "Book of the Dead" as we speak. Please tell me what I have obviously overlooked or! or wait a minute-wasn't one of her psycho-killers a baggage handler. Yes its coming back to me now and he used the ruse of returning luggage to get his victims! Oh yes--never mind!;)
Good luck with your list!

Katrina said...

BRRRRR, hope you got your heat fixed.

Lots of good thoughts and prayers for sister, I am with your mom prayer works. A few well placed connections never hurt either ;-). It's great you were able to get your sister an earlier appointment.

Susan said...

Best wishes for your sister's appt. and healing. Hope you are warm and toasty again - you're going to need that heater this weekend!

Lee said...

Stop, stop, stop! You're making me dizzy!

Send your sister our good wishes and healing thoughts. I hope they can keep the "what-if" thoughts away while she waits and waits.

Anna van Schurman said...

Thanks, everyone. We will take all good thoughts for Sissy, and I will let you know how it goes. Robin, the serial killer baggage handler is the first Cornwall book. And, it was a dark and stormy night when he came. (Cue scary music.)