Saturday, November 24, 2007

Young Go Old

Today we will continue the job we started in the attic. We have almost filled the skip my parents rented. We probably could have gotten the really big one, or even had them switch it out yesterday. There is some serious crap in that attic. My dad poised himself in the garage to make sure we didn't throw out any "good stuff." He rescued some duck decoys (he can give them to someone) and some beer POS (Those mirrors they put up in bars or the giant Heineken bottles). I didn't find the Blythe dolls (yet!) or the Bruins' program that's signed by four of the 70s era guys, including Wayne Cashman. I fear the latter is in the skip. Our goal for today is to take out the mattress, room-sized hot pink shag rug, and the old doll house. Then we're going to sort the Christmas decorations. I managed to salvage one tree skirt yesterday (gold, not really what I am looking for but it will do until I get to my Big Ideas), so I'm hoping to score another today.

I don't know who this potential 35-year-old grandmother is but she's "off down the shops to stock up on ...cross stitch patterns." Because that's what grandmothers do, you understand.

(Can I just point out that this is, like, not even news? A woman had kids when she was young and they might do the same? Stop.The.Presses!)

Old Lady Count: 6


Barbara said...

Good luck with the continued clearing out/cleaning up chores.

As for that article ... it was just dumb. Good thing there's absolutely nothing of import going on in the world right now so time can be devoted to some 'pretty face' possibly becoming a granny at 35. The writers ought to check out the part of Maine I'm from - that's not at all an unusual event, though we don't usually brag about it.

Michelle said...

Any plans for that shag rug? Somehow it just sort of goes with the dollhouse.

Nic said...

Kym Marsh came to prominence on a "reality" TV show as a member of a manufactured pop band. She is now an actress in a soap opera.

I doubt she can actually count well enough to do cross stitch ...

Miaow... :o)

debijeanm said...

How funny. I just joined Angelsan's ring and yours is the first site I've visited. Lo, we are both cleaning out the attic. Except, the crap I'm sorting is all my crap. And except for the knitting, our list of interests are very similar. And the less/fewer business makes a nasty feeling creep up my spine. (Are you straight on farther/further?) Nice tameetcha.