Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Review

Last Wednesday, I made a preliminary plan for holiday prep. This weekend I was scheduled to clean the yard, plant bulbs, and make Christmas cards with Sissy. I planted the bulbs (with plenty of red pepper to keep the squirrels at bay) and the dude cleaned the yard. We didn't get as far as we would have liked on the leaf situation but as far as I'm concerned leaf litter is god's gift to plant life everywhere. There is another scheduled leaf pick up, but I'm trying to convince the dude we need to buy a leaf sucker that also mulches. He remains unconvinced. Another hour or so of raking should change his tune.

And, as reported, Sissy and I started our Christmas cards. I counted my labels from last year, and it looks like I need 80 cards. I'll probably make 60 in the next few weeks and twenty when things slow down. The last 20 will be new year cards, which will relieve a lot of stress.

Finally, I went to my stitch-in which was an intimate gathering but great fun. Three of us were from the same decade, but we were also joined by a woman from the class of 1947. She is a treat. I hope that I am as active as she is at her age. She was knitting a "prayer shawl" for terminally ill patients. (She thanked us "youngsters" for letter her hang out with us. We thanked her for calling us "youngsters!") I worked on Summer Place. I really wish I were reunited with my camera because I'd love to show you how far I've come with this. (Too big for a scan.) I am definitely bringing it to the framer on Saturday. (I know, I can't believe it either!)


Barbara said...

The lady from the class of 1947 sounds great. I love to see active older people - makes me feel so much more positive about the whole aging process!

I wish that camera of yours would show up. Am I selfish or what? ;)

Kathryn said...

When we first moved to Maui and needed to buy a car, I said I wanted a 4 wheel drive vehicle. My husband was not convinced. Then he got our rental car stuck in some sand. I mean, really stuck, AAA stuck. We got a 4 wheel drive Jeep the next week. We still have it. Let's hear it for the mulcher.

jo said...

We've got a wonderful 80 year old woman who comes to stitch-in at my LNS. She mostly does crewel and ended up at the shop for help with a Dimensions kit of a hummingbird. We love her dearly - her perspective adds so much to our gatherings.