Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Trumpet Sounds

I give you

Animal Samplings by Hillside Samplings
Stitched with recommended NPI silks
on 32-ct Creek Bed Brown from R&R

Only one more gift to stitch by the 11/17 framing deadline. Summer Place is now my full-time focus project, on the bus, in the car, in front of the t.v., instead of doing housework...

I saw the doctor today. We've taken blood tests and gotten a prescription for muscle relaxants. We'll know more in two weeks. Things have gotten much better. Thanks again for your good wishes.


Kathryn said...

I'm glad you are better. My husband (yeah, the one that won't even take an aspirin) once got a cortisone shot for a wonky knee. He didn't know how it got that way, but the shot was a miracle. I hope you can take your medicine and feel better.

CONGRATULATIONS on the finish. I wonder if I can get anything framed for Christmas.

Barbara said...

Very glad to hear you're feeling better!

Great finish! Congratulations!!

C in DC said...

How darling! I hope your aunt enjoys it.

Glad to hear your shoulder's improving. Is it interfering with your stitching?

Michelle said...

Congrats on finishing the piece - it's beautiful! You're moving right along on those projects. Glad you've seen the doctor about your shoulder - hope you get some answers, and some relief soon.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Animal Samplings is very cute, congratulations on the finish. Hope you find out soon what is happening with your shoulder.