Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stitching Evidence--Pt 2

Nature Sings
Fancy Work
from a JCS ornament issue (not sure which one)

32 count raw linen
recommended floss (so far--I forgot to order the Shutter Green and Maple Syrup during Jenna's

I stitched and restitched the right hand part of the border three times--and let's not even mention that I have completely restarted this one, so badly did I cock it up the first time around! My bil might get just a book for Christmas.


cathymk said...

This one has been on my to stitch list forever. I don't know when I'll get to it.

You know, I've not read any Franklin - have you a suggestion as to a good one to start with? I know I ought to know but as a former children's librarian, I didn't do an awful lot of reading of books for adults. I'm only just starting that adventure.

Barbara said...

Like Cathy, I've wanted to stitch this one since I first saw it. Maybe next year? LOL!!!

Sorry it's been giving you fits. Seems like that's about all I've been getting from my recent stitching attempts, too.

Books are good. ;)