Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Goose is Getting Fat

So, when I went to get the muscle relaxant at the drug store, I noticed the big wreaths on the front of Staples. I really have no plan for the upcoming month. It's a little worrying because so many things are going to be different this year: I didn't have to mail gifts to England in mid-October because we're going to England at the beginning of December; I'm going to NH for Thanksgiving (I haven't in 20 years); I will be at home for Christmas and hosting people on Boxing Day. I think the England trip has really thrown me for a loop. Usually in mid-October, I'm already in my Christmas groove, working from the plan. And this year, I've actually got people coming to my house. And no plan.

Here's a rough draft
Nov. 10--clean yard, plant bulbs; make Christmas cards with Sissy
Nov. 17--paint bathrooms, touch up downstairs; shop for nephews
Nov. 24--In NH
Dec. 1--paint doors and craft room; finish English gifts
Dec. 8--In England
Dec. 15--decorate for Christmas; finish gifts for American relatives
Dec. 22--prep for 12/26

Does that seem like everything? I feel like I'm floating...That may be the muscle relaxants talking.


XmaryX said...

Yep! I bet it's them drugs- darn good ones it appears! :)

Adrienne said...

Mmmm...muscle relaxants. I just can't quit you.

I can, actually, clearly. But given a choice.

Glad your shoulders feeling a wee bit better. And with the good drugs, who needs a plan?

Barbara said...

I want some of those muscle relaxants. ;)

Glenna said...

Your to-do list gave me palpitations. Aaak--that's a lot of stuff, so if you aren't going to panic over it, I will do so for you!

Michelle said...

We're going to NY for a week at the beginning of Dec, so that is throwing me for a loop too. It is happening right when I normally am needing to do stuff for Christmas. Ack!