Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Throw Away Post

Wow! You read me, you really read me. I thought that last post was a little throw-away where someone would take issue with me being mean or something. But no, I speak with the voice of the stitchers! (And just for the record, I have taken a class with the Bent Creek gals--Acorn, with a little squirrel "practice piece" at Needles and Niceties--and they are a lovely pair.)

I've started a new ornament, and I worked a bit on Summer Place, but I've got nothing to show you. It's getting too dark to take pictures when I get home from work. I want summer back!

Note for Steph and Todd
I don't keep a regular diary and there are some things I want to remember about Labor Day for next year. Don't mind me.
* Next year, Monday not Sunday
* Eat before we go
* Start at the water park
* Bring a change of clothes

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