Saturday, September 22, 2007

Christmas Delusions

The other day, I noticed on a blog that someone was doing a project a week in preparation for Christmas. She had ten projects planned. Then I counted the weeks until Christmas. I don't want to freak you out, so I won't tell you how many there are but I will say this: there are more than ten.
So I looked at my stitching list:
  1. knitting for mom
  2. "beer" for dad
  3. skull girl for sissy
  4. something big for people who read the blog
  5. Elisabeth's stocking for Lala
  6. Jillian's stocking for Yay-o
  7. caterpillar eyeglass holder for MIL
  8. Fancy Work ornie for BIL
  9. 60th birthday gift (due 12/27)

What part of me thinks *any* of these projects only takes a week? (Oh, okay, beer, knitting, and eyeglass holder probably take less time...) Add in that I only have until November 1 for the stockings, if I want them professionally finished, and November 21 for framing--you know what? That's only four pieces. Also, another deadline--December 5 for the English gifts. At first, I thought this would freak me out more, but now I am thinking...

Five weeks to finish two Shepherd's Bush stockings? Maybe, especially given that the pictured stocking is one of them. Three weeks after that to finish #4 and #9, which are 50% and 25%stitched, respectively. This may not be so bad. Or has the delusion begun early?
And, yeah, I start my beading and applique classes Monday.


Barbara said...

I swear, even if I started my holiday stitching on Dec. 26th, I would not stand a chance of getting it all done by the following Christmas. But I must love the challenge (and the frustration). ;)

Sandy said...

I love the stocking, I don't even want to know how many weeks.....:(

jo said...

Um. Good luck!

Jacque said...

You can do it..stockings seem to go fast...or mine did! After you calmly stated weeks until Christmas...I counted...uhm...OMG!!!!!! ; )

Carol said...

Wow, five weeks, two SB stockings... my fingers are crossed for you!

Anna van Schurman said...

The stockings do go quickly and I can do a lot of them on my commute. But I'm not sure that I did "calmly" state the weeks until Christmas. I am freaked out too!

Michelle said...

I'd be happy to check here for your Pearl Cottons, if you'd like. The stocking looks beautiful. I'll be cheering you on to get everything finished!