Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thanks for the Anniversary Wishes

I'm back in PA. Sorry to have fallen down there, but this not working thing, it really took a toll on my blogging.

Just to let you know how much lobster you missed:
Wednesday: lunch, Flo's Dogs. Dinner, batter fried clams at Ken's in Scarborough (I prefer crumb).
Thursday: lunch, farm stand tomato sandwiches. Dinner, shared a 6 lb lobster with my parents.
Friday: lunch, more Flo's. Dinner, buffet at the Colony one (small) lobster, steamers, and two cups of clam chowder
Saturday: lunch, more tomatoes. Dinner--I was dying for beans from the Steakhouse. I had the ribs too. There are leftover beans in my fridge right now. I think they may be calling.

And here's something that I worked on:

Apple Sampler
Curtis Boehringer
DMC on 22 ct evenweave


Michelle said...

Love the Apple Sampler - pretty colors. Glad you're back, I need my daily dose of the bitch. Btw - I started my own encyclopedia of me thanks to your inspiration.

Mindi said...

Your Apple Sampler looks fantastic. I actually have this pattern somewhere, from a very long time ago and had forgotten about it. I'm going to have to dig it out.

Red said...

Okay...I'll admit it. I lived through you vicariously reading about the lobster rolls and all. Thanks for sharing. I miss that more than anything else (real Seafood).