Monday, August 20, 2007

Some Number of Hours on Summers to Be

Stitching on the public transport, it's been hard to count the hours, though I thank JennL for her suggestion about how to do it. I take the bus to the subway, and sometimes I catch the express bus and sometimes, like this past week, I have to take two buses to get to the subway, and that adds about 15 minutes to the morning commute and 45 minutes to the commute home. Sometimes I read on the bus and stitch on the subway. Sometimes I stitch the whole way. Sometimes I daydream out the window. It's impossible to count.

Once I got to a certain point, I decided I wouldn't do five hours on this, but I would finish the chairs and the lettering. Sorry about the cockeyed picture. I cropped then rotated when I should have rotated then cropped.

Had a lobster roll today. (But Wild Willy's for dinner.)


Michelle said...

I love this piece! It makes me want to grab my sunglasses and beach towel. What fun!

Aussie Stitcher said...

It looks great.