Thursday, August 02, 2007


Hey, is it better if I respond to comments here, or in the comments? I do want let you know that I think about what you write in the comments, but sometimes my posts are so long without me responding to the previous post's comments... Half the time I only respond in my head, which I know does no good at all. I could dedicate one day to responding to all the comments...or something.

So, the trip to Maine is the cheap vacation because I'm going to my parents' house. I won't spend a cent, no matter how much lobster I eat (and let me tell you, it's all I'll eat when I am there)--and that even includes a trip to Yankee Cross Stitch...see the post on the last trip to Maine. My parents are very generous, and I do appreciate them. Well, I do now a lot more than I will once I've spent a week with them.

Although I have finished the March baby's sampler, he won't get it until December. And don't forget about the one that I sent two years late. And, now that I think of it, for which I have not been thanked. People. Raised, apparently, by wolves.

I'm glad that my research skills, such as they are, are appreciated. I think you think it was more work than I think it was. Remember, I spent 11 years of my life doing research. Back then I had to do way more reading and organizing that information was far more difficult. My boss would say I was just being modest (she would, she said it just yesterday). I always respond, "I think you're being generous." So thanks, everyone, for your generosity. And you know, when it comes to pumpkins...I'll do anything. One day, I may have to make a similar list for willows, my other weakness. Even after chasing down all those pumpkins, there weren't any that I felt liked I needed to add to the list, so maybe I'll be safe with the willow trees.

As for being queen of lists, I thought it would be funny to write a blog that was just lists. Of course people beat me to it.


Barbara said...

You lost me at the thought of eating lobster for a week ... Mmmmmm.

Kathryn said...

Lobster! I am so jealous. And it doesn't seem to help that I am eating fresh ahi (tuna) and fresh (stolen, sorry, appropriated) pineapples.

I loved the blog about people's lists. We live by lists. Unfortunately ours are not handwritten because we really want to be able to read them. (My husband is a doctor's son and inherited his handwriting.) Maybe I will send her a list anyway.

Write about whatever you want. Wolves. Exactly!

Michelle said...

I am such a list-maker too. Just finished making one of all the things I need to do before we leave on Wed. Wrote it on the back of my "normal" to do list. I like the idea of responding in the comments - because then it's like a little conversation - but I have to admit, I rarely check back to the comments on something after I've left my comment. I am afraid that a whole pack of the raised-by-wolf sort have been bombarding me at work this week - Lord give me a mojito!