Friday, August 31, 2007

Ordinary Me: Z

Z: Zinc oxide Ever since I burned my nose while on vacation in Aruba freshman year of college, I have to wear it when I am on the beach. Oh sure, I look like an idiot, but when your nose is removed because of skin cancer, I won't look so dumb. I also promised my podiatrist I would wear it on my scars this summer. And I did...the one day I made it to the beach.

zymurgy the science of fermenting. Thank the sweet baby Jebus that someone left the bread out in the rain, for indeed, where would we be without beer? My latest favorite is SkullSplitter, which is not even the best thing I know to come out of Orkney. No, that title is reserved for my mother-in-law. The daughter of a lighthouse keeper, she spent a number of years there.

Thank you all for sticking with me these 26 days! I appreciate all your comments.

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