Friday, July 20, 2007

Book Review: Heartfelt

I bought this book last week as a reward for having lost 10 pounds. (Go me!) It is freakin' adorable. And I think I will finally be able to finish the felted patchwork blanket I started making for our friends who moved to Montreal four years ago. This book contains just the kind of info I need on sewing that blanket--it's had me stumped for years (except the year the scraps lived in the storage unit--I didn't think of sewing it at all that year).

This book has all sorts of projects that would make you look like you just stepped out of a Mary Engelbreit drawing. In a good way. Okay, if you don't like cute, whimsical stuff, you're probably not going to like this book. (I showed this book to Sissy and my cousin and they found things they liked and they are not into cutesy stuff.) Except for the bunny slippers. Everybody thinks those are cute. I think part of this feeling is evoked by the variety and combination of colors. This is one colorful book!

The projects, beside the bunny slippers, include two hats, a small purse, an eyeglass case, a needlebook, two handbags, a totebag, a pair of mittens, a pair of "adult" slippers (nowhere near as cute as the bunnies!), an i-pod case, four scarves, a floral barrette, bobbled elastic hair bands, heart and flower pins, a baby hat, kid mittens (featured on the cover), a boiled wool jacket for baby, a cosmic blanket, and a backpack. Patterns that must be enlarged are included in the back.

For my blog readers, who I assume are here for the stitching, almost all of the patterns involve some amount of embroidery, and I'm not just talking blanket stitch. Some is done by machine, but almost all of it could be done by hand. In fact, only one set--a purse and scarf--would require the machine. In this instance, the embroidery creates a texture (bubbles) in the fabric. Information about creating the felt you need (knitting it or recycling) is included and the briefest sketch of embroidery stitches is offered.
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