Friday, June 22, 2007

Sparkle Plenty

I have been so horrible about opalescent fabric. I may not have told you I wasn't crazy about the project you did on it, but I thought it. Oh, I thought it.

And when I was at Stitcher's Paradise... I bought some. For the two Vegas patterns. It seemed completely natural. And now we learn why we never say never--and never make fun of people to their faces. Oh sure, you think you'll never wear the latest trend or stitch on opalescent fabric, and the next thing you know, you look like Britney Spears (only with covered lady parts) or are holding a piece of Picture This Plus Crystal Fog.

I realize I didn't tell you very much about the store. For a smallish shop, they have a ton of stitched models. And they really love monsterbubbles because I've never seen so many of her patterns stitched up in one place. They're so great. They also had a couple of really unique finishing techniques which I asked permission to photograph. But I didn't say, "I'd like to photograph them so I can pop 'em up on my blog," so you'll have to settle for my descriptions. Unless someone from the store writes to me and gives me permission to post them. Both were smallish pieces (4x4 or 5x5) finished as wall hangings. On one, a fringe of ribbon was hanging from the bottom all the way across (all different color ribbons, probably 5 inches in length). The other one had a similar fringe, but it was made from whole skeins of floss. Twenty two of them--I counted just for you. It looked like bullion fringe. So beautiful. And not cheap. That floss was overdyed. Wowza, what an effect.

Last, but not least, hanging in a corner near the front of the store was Tall Flowers. People, I am just going to have to sit myself down and backstitch because we were wrong. I've seen it in person and it needs the backstitch.

Aren't you glad I went? If you ever find yourself in Vegas, go. It's worth the trip. But try to carpool; the round trip taxi fare from Caesars was $45. (I do have the number of a cab driver who knows where it is, if you need that...)


Cathy said...

I think I'm in love with the monsterbubbles designs.

Michelle said...

yes, I've been thinking about that backstitching and I think you're right - do it! The Fog fabric is beautiful. I've never been a fan of the opalescent either, but I've been wrong before (see backstitching above). I can't envision what you mean with the fringe of whole skeins of floss - I'd have to see it...but it sounds interesting.

Kathryn said...

If someone wants to know what this store looks like, here you go:

I don't think the owners would mind since it is only the outside and a generic picture of how much stuff there is inside. (I wish they had a website.)

Aha! The opalescent fabric bug bit! I am a great fan of SHINEY, so I immediately fell in love with this fabric. I used it for two Christmas ornaments and will use it again for a large British rocket ship.

Ornaments here:

Rocketship here:

Anna van Schurman said...

Kathryn--thanks for the photos. It's good to see someone so passionate about the sparkle. I think your rocket ship is going to look neat on opalescent fabric.

Cathy--isn't monsterbubbles so unique?

jo said...

Ah the sparkly goodness. When I stopped by the marketplace at Celebrations in NH, the Picture This Plus people were doing the most business. I admit to purchasing Fossil, Highland, and Mystic with no immediate plans for them at all. Just had to have them...