Thursday, April 26, 2007

Maryland Sheep and Wool

best pal and I are talking about meeting at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend. The thing is, it's a 2+ hour drive for me (but really, what better place to meet a friend than in West Friendship, Maryland?). So I was kind of hoping that brave astronaut was going to come, so the dude would come and I wouldn't have to spend four hours in the car by myself. So I broached the subject with the dude last night.

Me: So, next weekend, I'm thinking about going to Maryland to meet best pal at the Sheep and Wool Festival. Would you want to come?
Dude: What's there?
Me: Um, sheep...and...wool.
Dude: I don't think there's anything to interest me.
Me: [grasping at straws] And a sheepdog herding contest.
Dude: Now that I'm interested in [no hint of sarcasm].
Me: You are?
Dude: When I was a kid I used to watch this show on Saturday mornings, I think it was called "One Man and his Dog," and this guy would whistle and his dogs would round up the sheep. [Begins whistling.]
Me [thinking: Wow, you had a deprived Saturday morning]: You watched that?
Dude: Every child of my generation in Britain watched that show. I loved it.

So, brave astronaut, you in? Sheepdog herding. Now that I've studied the schedule, I see cheese. That's my final offer. Cheese.


Michelle said...

Cheese would do it for me.

Barbara said...

Boy, and I thought Dutch guys watched lame-o weekend TV as kids...

Brave Astronaut said...

As best pal is fond of saying, "I never met a cheese I didn't like. To date, I have avoided the aforementioned festival, but now that I know there are dogs . . .

I'll think about it. I must admit there is something sadistic about petting all the nice little lambies and then biting into their relatives, who have been broiled and skewered.

Looking over the schedule though, I am torn. Do I go on Saturday for the lecture on Ovine Pneumonia or Sunday's equally fascinating topic, Parasite Resistance? Decisions, decisions.

My usual course of action when best pal heads to S&W is for me to head to the course to smack around the little white ball (which has not yet occurred this season), but I am sure that best pal is going to give me the full court press.

I had actually wandered over to see if you were interested in knocking off #19 from your list, but this is still another opportunity for us to see the two of you.

amy! said...

So jealous! I had plane tickets and reservations to go last year and then the NEH got into the motorcycle accident the weekend before.

This year, the house goes on the market this weekend. Otherwise I would so be on a plane to join you!

Actually, wait, they don't need me on Saturday and fact, I'm not supposed to be in the house at all...hmm....

jo said...

Aw. Too bad this is the wrong weekend. Several ladies from my EGA chapter go to this and asked if I wanted to come along. But alas. It's time to drive to New England to pick up DD from college.

best pal said...

Please, please, pretty please do come!

coral said...

I didn't know the Dude was English!! I used to watch that show too - it sounds dreadful, but was really good. One of those shows once you watch for 5 mins you have to watch to the end.