Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Individuality is the New Black"

Friends, I've been holding out on you. I have found my inspiration fabric for the craft room. It has arrived. And I love it.

Black and White Kleo by Alexander Henry. This is what Hancocks of Paducah says about the fabric: "Alexander Henry Fabrics. Fashionista Collection. For the kind of girl who likes burgers and Bergdorfs. Motorcycles & Manolos. Grab some of these fashion patterns and do your own thing. Remember, INDIVIDUALITY is the new black." That could really put a person off--and I've written catalog copy in my lifetime.

The dude promises that the craft room will be completed this summer. I'm not sure he realizes how much of the next few weekends we will spend tearing out 50 year-old yews and conditioning soil... Nevertheless, you will get a full pictorial to follow along with our progress.


Barbara said...

Black suits you well, Anna. ;)

jo said...

Ooooh. Purdy.

Isabelle said...

That's a fabulous fabric!

Michelle said...

I LOVE that fabric. Great choice and I can't wait to see what you do with it for the craft room.

Lee said...

Well, now I know that they are called ellipses. You must have been laughing as you read my "dot dot dots"!

I fear that my reference to the newsletter was too obvious. I'm going to give some thought to editing that part out.

Hey - cool fab. I see stripes and checks, too. Do you?

Anna van Schurman said...

Well, Lee, I bought this fabric but I might have to get this one too, now that you suggest it.