Monday, February 12, 2007

To Market! To Market!

Hillside Samplings, "Autumn Willow" You know about the pumpkin obsession, but there's a willow obsession too. Camp is in three weeks and I have three gift certificates to spend.
Workbasket, "Bunny Attitude "Loyal readers will recognize my dedication to spirals. Love it!
Plum Street Samplers, "Dead Man's Chess" The dude (chess rating 1665) took one look at it and said, "Do you know what's wrong with the chess board?" Since I have been subjected to that question a hundred times, I knew right away, the board is set up wrong. The square in the lower left corner should be white. I have been with him in a variety of places where he has told people their chess boards are set up incorrectly (stores, showhouses). In one showhouse there was a "no touching" rule that they broke so he could reset the board--in that case, it wasn't just the right hand corner, but also some of the pieces were in the wrong place. And don't get him started on that ad for some sleeping pill with Abe Lincoln. He goes nuts, e v e r y t i m e he sees it.


Redwitch said...

Shop til you drop girl!

Re: chess, well you learn something new everyday, I never learned to play and didn't know about the setup.

Love the nuns story, do they have a blog? ;)

Barbara said...

Okay, thanks for the heads-up on the chess board, which I wanted to buy to make for my DH (also a chess freak but with a slightly lower rating that your Dude ;) ).

Michelle said...

Interesting note on the chess board. I missed the willow tree piece - how pretty!

Lelia said...

I love the bunny -- I have to buy it ... I want it NOW!!! LOL

Did you notice on the LHN freebie game board patterns there are 9 squares - instead of 8 squares??? It drove me nutts.

Now, I have to double check my DT game board sampler ...

Lelia said...

Argh! My DT game board pattern isn't set up this way.

I'm wondering if I have enough linen to just add a row to make the "white on right"

And, your 'dude' is so correct -- this from Wikipedia:

"The board is always placed so that the rightmost square on the row nearest each player is a "white" square."