Thursday, February 22, 2007

SBQ: Size Matters

What is the smallest count fabric you have ever used? Did you stitch over one? Conversely, what is the largest count fabric you have ever used? I have stitched on silk gauze, which I believe was 40 ct, and that was over one, and I also did Hillside Samplings Marriage Sampler, and a portion of that was done over one on 40 ct fabric.

The largest fabric I ever used was either over two on 14 ct (so 7 ct) or 10 ct Tula that I use at camp at the Silver Needle. And did I mention that is coming up? Woohoo! I think a Christmas wallhanging by Alma Lynn that I did for my cousin was over two on a count that was pretty high to begin with. Worked up really quickly, but I did have to use all six strands, which made stripping a bitch.

Soon I will be back to stitching--just got back on Monday, then went to stamping on Tuesday (photos soon), and last night took a trip to Buddakan for Sissy's birthday (angry lobster--so yummy). We may like Buddakan best of the Starr restaurants we've tried (Jones, Continental, Morimoto) but it's way too dark. In fact, we kept shining the votive into the angry lobster so we could make sure we were getting lobster, not confusing cauliflower or carrots for the delectable meat. We started the litany of things that mean we're getting old: I can't turn off my I-Pod (actually had to get the young guy in the office to do it yesterday); we can't tell navy blue from black; we are annoyed when "kids" don't pick up their feet when they walk; we can't drink like we used to; and we can't see in the dark.

Tonight, I may have to fetch the dude in the city, but if not, my fat ass is not losing contact with the couch because I'm tired.

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