Saturday, February 03, 2007

Meet Up

Went to a GTG at Cathy's in Lititz. That's Lit-itz not La-titz as we've been saying around here to make ourselves giggle. I met Cathy and Jenna and Cathy's non-blogging friend Karen. Who is my new best friend. We caught Jenna's enthusiasm for her new ONS; admired Cathy's children, especially Joshua's Superman costume; and had a virtual museum display of lovely needlework. I'm lusting after Jenna's needleroll (and Jo's stitching prowess). We taste tested some lovely recipes and actually got some stitching done. Photos tomorrow.


Monsoon said...

I am so jealous...Makes me want to move back to PA.

Michelle said...

Sounds fun! Can't wait to see photos...your carmelitas sound yummy too!

Jenna said...

I knew that you would remember Karen's remark for a long time to come. I was telling Terry about it on the ride home and we agreed that it was really a great compliment, though very true. You do not look even close to your age.

It was nice to meet you in person and you were finally able to get together with some stitchers. Something you've been trying to do for what, well over a year now?