Friday, January 05, 2007

Way Past My Bedtime

Last night, I stayed up way late to get this robin done, and just as I finished, I got an e-mail from Donna telling me she's dropping out from our "contest." Pooh, I could have gotten an extra two hours of sleep! (And taken a better photo!)

In order to balance my cockeyed placement, I added the second (darker) tree. The butterfly button was included because "camp" was lined up properly with the cabin but way off center. How come I find it so difficult to do math?

I do love the little redbud tree on the right.


Cheryl in DC said...

Very cute.

Michelle said...

Cute piece! I love the borders between the blocks too. Good move with that second tree, I never would have known!

Lelia said...

Excellent RR. Looks like the tree was supposed to be there!