Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Iron Maiden

Most of my patterns are now in the database and filed away. I decided, now that the closet door shuts, to move on to organizing the stitching fabric. (The regular fabric is going to remain jammed in a plastic tub resting on the closet shelf for now.)

I threw away all the scraps that were under 4" in any direction. I had one inch strips that I moved across country and stored for almost a year. WTF was I going to do with those? (All of a sudden I realize I could use those for scrapbooking borders! But what is done is done.) Hey, did I mention the closet door can be closed now?

I watched most of the Steelers/Jaguars game from behind the ironing board getting the wrinkles out of the scraps. Eventually, I will move on to organizing the whole pieces, but right now I am focusing on the scraps. After they are ironed, I am going to sew a tag on each piece that gives the measurements and tells what is known about the fabric. (Color? Do I look like I know what color each piece is?) And I will store it flat somewhere. We'll burn that bridge when we get to it.

For now, things are getting steamy between me and my Sunbeam.


Trish said...

How about storing the scraps in page protectors inside a binder? That way you can create an index of what's where which can be kept on your computer, as well on a sheet in one of the pockets of the binder.

The Santa I am stitching IS one of Sandy Cozzolino's. It's from the first of three Holiday Towel books she has.

Have fun with your Sunbeam...

Lelia said...

I saw [on somebody's blog] where they hang up their linens in the closet - using clip hangers.

I don't have any closet space; however, thought it was an excellent idea.

Mine lay flat on a shelf. It isn't great - but it works for me!