Friday, September 15, 2006

CATS Hershey

So many people are gearing up for their travels to Hershey for the CATS Festival, or whatever it's called now. Not me. Sure I live about an hour and a half away, but I'll be getting on a jet plane for stitching fun of another sort.

My friends from Camp Wannasew and I are traveling up to Maine for our own stitching weekend. I know we planned poorly: the best pal and I, we could have gone to Hershey again--and god knows I should be at the alumni reunion weekend at work--but no. bp and my two other friends have never been to Maine. I have no idea how I am going to walk the fine line of stitching weekend with showing them enough stuff to make this trip worth the time they're going to spend traveling (from DC, TX, and OK). I'll just feed them lobster. MMmmmmmmmm lobster.

I do have stitchy surprises planned. And gifties. And I'm trying to decide between a two hour back roads drive to Center Harbor, NH and all the stitchy , crafty goodness there, or a much shorter trip down 95 to North Hampton, NH to worship at the alter of Yankee Cross Stitch. Don't let the website fool you, this place is a gem!


Glenna said...

Mmmm--sticky, buttery, lobstery fingers fondling fabrics!

jo said...

Better wash those hands first. I don't want to find any greasy fabric the next time I get to NH!

John said...

just as an fyi, best pal doesn't like lobster, but I do, so maybe she can bring some home to me via Southwest.

And NO Maine stuff, her first trip there was supposed to be with me. :)