Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Baby Steps

I finished filling in the stork and am back to counting on the bus. I have begun looking for an alphabet I like for the baby's name and birth date. I hate writing dates x-x-2005--which is what the pattern calls for--so I will have to find an approppriately sized set of letters and numbers so I can write out the month. Am I too picky? Should I just slap on the numbers and be done with it?

If you see any baby blue and khaki plaid fabric or stork fabric, send a link my way so that I can finish this jobber as a wall hanging. (I don't like the wife, so I don't have to spring for framing.)


Cheryl in DC said...

Could you just use the alphabet given with the pattern, but over one instead of over two for the date? I too prefer to spell out dates.

casa da nana said...

congratulations!!! It's really nice!!!!


M said...

If you don't spring for the framing then she might not feel obligated to hang it so she won't be irritated by it every time she looks at it. Or every time someone comments on how lovely it is.

aaaaaahhh, imagine the yuks you'd get out of that. :o)

Anna van Schurman said...

As repugnant as I find her, she knits. So she knows what kind of work goes into it and she'll hang it. And I'll tell my grandmother to look for it. Nothing like siccing your grandmother on your own cousin.