Friday, July 28, 2006

Home Again, Home Again

Did I forget to tell you I was away at a conference? I was off learning how to do my job better. I got so many ideas, I don't know how I'll implement even some of them (well, you know, if anyone lets me...)

I stayed in the dorms, and they suggested we bring a light, so I packed up my well-traveled OTT light. I managed to stitch on the plane and the first night, but then my free time was taken up with honky tonks and country music.

Which I might even learn to appreciate... At least, you gotta love this song. Warning, it contains some of them, how you say, bad words. (But my daddy raised me on a steady diet of David Allen Coe, yes in NH, so I don't mind so much.)

Anyway, pictures Monday.

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