Monday, June 12, 2006

I don't know; I'm not allowed to watch tv in my own house

DIY is debuting Uncommon Threads designed to showcase the latest trends in needlecrafts. Will this bring us to the heights of popularity experienced by knitting and scrapbooking?
We're on day 5 of the 10 day British invasion. My nephew is cute, but his parents are starting to drive me insane. I came to work early because I had to get out of the house.


Coral said...

I really feel for you!! I had 3 weeks of visitors, and they went away for a week in the middle, and I nearly went mad. They were my sister and family. Horrific!! Her kids don't do the same stuff like mne did, e.g. put clothes in the right way out in the washing basket, actually mine did their own washing! They would load the dishwasher, but put all the knives and forks in the basket and not in the slots. I started going to work earlier and earlier too. Sympathy hug (())

Lee said...

10 days....waaaaay too long. I feel your pain.