Sunday, June 04, 2006

Collecting Memes

One of the Stitcher's Memes and the SBQ were related recently so here's your answer.

1. Do you have any stitchy-type collections? flosses, fabrics, patterns, gagdets, scissors, etc? Describe any you have.
I suppose I have collections of flosses, fabrics, magazines, and patterns. I only have three pairs of scissors, so I'm unwilling to call that a collection.

2. If you weren't limited by space, money, or time, what type of things would you collect?
Antique stitching gadgets. I truly lack the money for that. I've tried to get my mother to buy me these types of things for Christmas, but she claims not to know what she is looking for when she goes to antique auctions. That woman had a quilt shop. She knows, she's just not that interested.

Do you collect charts by one particular designer, yet have never stitched anything by that designer? If so, which designer and why do you collect the charts but have not yet stitched any of them? I don't know if six counts as a collection, but I do have that number of Brightneedle charts, and I've never stitched one of their designs. I love them! I don't know why the time has never been right to put needle to thread on those.

I also collect patterns that feature willow trees. I've only ever stitched one, for my mom. I don't even have it hanging here. But boy do I love willow trees.

I suppose I do have a tendency to buy what I like even if I don't know when or how I'll use something. I know that there are a lot of designs out there that you may see only once and if you don't snap it up the moment is lost. I was thinking about these memes while I was going through my stash recently and I came across a design--a pumpkin that is "interrupted" by an orange sampler (of letters). It's by Window Box Designs. Try finding it. Really. Go ahead, I'll wait. Some companies don't last, or people retire, or the companies never get big enough to distribute widely. I just feel like I may want to work on it someday, so I should buy it.

Ultimately, I don't spend all that much money on my hobbies each year and even if I had to stop stitching tomorrow, I would still get some pleasure out of looking at the designs I have. I do now. Sometimes I just flip though to see what I have and enjoy the pictures on the patterns. Maybe I'll get to it, and maybe I won't. And if I don't, there's always ebay.

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