Monday, April 10, 2006

A Trip to IKEA

Sissy and I went to IKEA in Conshie to get some storage for the craft room. I ended up with an Expedit bookcase, an Alex set of drawers, and a bunch of irrelevant baskets. We weren't sure if the bookcase was going to fit in the car so we were going to get Billy bookcases, for which I would need storage baskets. Got the baskets. Saw Expedit. Loaded it onto the cart. Forgot why I had the baskets. Bought everything. I am getting dumber, like my sister thinks. The woman who sold me the Alex told me she thought it was the first one they'd sold at that store. It does appear to be so new that it's not on the website. I'll have to take a picture. It's sort of like a set of map drawers. I put it together on Saturday night (no hot date) and filled it. Sissy helped. She then looked around the room and said, "that didn't even make a dent." True, we ended up with one empty storage container. Things will get better when we put together the bookcase and I get my filing cabinet. Step by step.

I've run into a problem with the Candy Striper laptop bag. I cannot figure out how many rows are supposed to be in each side panel. I did change the pattern (instead of being striped I made them solid so that it would go faster). They are supposed to be significantly different but mine aren't. I'm so close to finishing this, I can taste it. (And it tastes like wet wool.)


jo said...

Can't wait to see the Alex drawers. Are they really like map drawers? Would they hold rubber stamps? I so need stamp storage.

Anna van Schurman said...

Yes, they hold rubber stamps. I'll try to remember to take a picture tonight.