Thursday, April 06, 2006

Travelling Companion

Last night on the subway, I sat with an older Asian woman; she must have been about 80. I took out my stitching, and stuck my pattern, as I usually do, between my ring finger and my pinkie of my left (nonworking) hand. She watched me stitch for a few minutes, then insisted on holding my pattern for me. She kept asking questions, like which stitch I was making (I was doing confetti stitches on Ewe and Eye's Room for Ewe*) and how difficult it was. She was a riot. I asked her what she thought about the day's crazy weather, and she replied, "I was in New York and it was snowing like Hell!" Later, she told me that I was very talented, "gifted," and that she "liked watching me make my Art." She wanted to know where she could get the stuff to do it, so I listed the big box stores and told her that she could get fabric with bigger holes. The whole thing was so sweet. So unbitch.

* I couldn't find a photo online, and the dude has the laptop with him in Maine. It's a sheep standing on a chair.


Lee said...

Random acts of kindness! I'm glad you were the recipient!

Melissa said...

Anna-I like it when people comment on my stitching in public but it also makes me nuts. I try to be nice and then I want to say "Can't you see I'm DOING something?" Then I feel like a terrible person and start showing them how to stitch.

Patty said...

Oh, that old lady sounds adorable! I could never stitch in public...a dedicated people-watcher here. :-)