Wednesday, January 18, 2006

To Budgie or Not To Budgie

A three-year-old budgie has been named Young Cross-Stitcher of the Year.
Spike picked up the Cross-Stitcher magazine award after picking up the habit from owner Sandra Battye.
Sandra, 31, of Stevenage, Herts, who nursed Spike back to health after a food allergy almost killed her, said: "She would sit on my shoulder and watch me for hours.
"One day I just sat and didn't stitch. It seemed to frustrate her. Then suddenly she picked up the needle in her beak and began cross-stitching herself. I was staggered. Now I can't stop her."

Okay, try as I might, I cannot understand how a bird cross-stitches. She can probably pull the needle through, but interpreting a pattern? Choosing colors? How does the bird get at the back of the fabric? At first I thought it was a joke news article, but here’s the story on the website of the magazine that made the award.

How about if a cross stitcher of the year is a human? Don't we have enough to do to defend our hobby? Now we have to fight the stereotype of being bird-brained? I still think it can’t be true. I want to see live video footage. I think Sandra Battye's life is even sadder than mine.

I feel bad for all the human children who thought they might win "Young Cross Stitcher of the Year."


Sarra said...

What's the life span of a budgie anyway? Something like ten years, so if you age him in budgie years (like dog years) isn't he over 21 and no longer eligible for "Young Stitcher of the Year" anyway?

Seriously, this is really ridiculous. It's cute that her bird likes to pull on her yarn, but an award?

Hope he has bowel control.

Cheryl in DC said...

If you look closely, it appears that the bird is using a scroll frame, probably a stand, which would explain how it reaches the back. Still, how does it know where to insert the needle? I suspect it receives a lot of assistance from Sandra.

Best pal said...

I wish I had a subscription to this magazine so I could cancel it...

Mia said...

I really wasn't going to comment on this but I really want to see this bird's finished project. Anyone can make an "x" but can he understand the chart. Oh I could go on but I won't. I am being snarky today. LOL

And before I let another day go by, I saw your "invitation" and I know where the Starbucks is. We have eaten at the restaurant right next door many times. Do you have dates in mind? I have some stuff coming up but we can compare notes. Also, I will probably have my young stitcher DD (depends on DH's work schedule) with me if that is okay.