Friday, November 25, 2005

SBQ: Sign Me Up

Do you always sign your projects? If not, why? If so, do you use your first name, initials or what? I used to sign my projects. I would use my initials and the year. Now, I only sign the projects if the signature is part of the design. I guess I just got tired of having to figure out where to sign it and how to make it unobtrusive. I also started doing smaller projects, and it seemed ridiculous to sign something that took me hardly any time. Also, I don't think the longevity thing is important to me. Even when I'm doing scrapbooks, and people say things like, "if you use this product, your work will last for two hundred years!" I think, "isn't 100 too much?" For a while I kept track of my finishes in a book where I wrote down which fibers, fabric, and patterns were used and who the recipient of the piece was. Then I just lost interest. Someday, I'll have to download a copy of this blog because this is the only record I have.

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Lelia said...

excellent answer. I never know what to do about 'signing' stuff.