Thursday, April 28, 2005


I haven't been feeling well these past few days. Just well enough to stitch but not much more. I finished the Williamsburg doorway; pictures soon. I started my Just Cross Stitch Ornaments round robin. In a fit of irony, I was sent a choice of stitching a dragon or "Wisemen came." I'm stitching the latter, but I am asking permission to correct the typo. Since I've been living with the pattern, I read, perhaps for the first time, the little story one of the Sheperds Bush sisters included with her pattern. It was about how she handed in a paper replete with spelling errors and that her professor gave her an extension to clean it up. As a former professor, let me tell you how rare that is. Usually you let the students take their lumps. At any rate, she chose to handmake her family's gifts and not fix her paper. She ended up with a B instead of an A. This has me thinking is "Wisemen" supposed to be ironic? Does it tie in with her typo story? Or is there an even grander irony that she tells the story about her English class and she can't write wise men properly? You be the judge: joke or mistake.

Since I've been too ill to do my normal routine (gym, shower, take the computer to Wegman's), I finished nearly all of the ornament yesterday--just need to make a trip out eventually for one skein of floss. I've gone back to working on the needlebook from Camp Wannasew. Pictures when I'm back to the normal routine and on my own computer.

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