Thursday, April 14, 2005

SBQ: Seasons

I haven't really answered many of the stitching bloggers questions that Renee has posted, because I've already discussed some of the answers. Recently, Renee asked: "Do you 'stitch with the seasons'?" And my answer is a definite maybe! I have stitched seasonal items in season, like doing the Sandy Cozzolino perforated paper santas in November and December, and when I go to stitching camp, they always have a seasonal item, like the carrot/bunny in March 2004 for Easter and the patriotic design for July 4th this year. But other than those examples, I can't really say that I do. I try to avoid stitching afghans in the summer and there's a lot to be said for avoiding black fabric in the winter, but otherwise, I stitch what grabs me (or has a deadline).

I have been trying to stitch (and especially finish) more items that have a seasonal bent so that I can change my displays, in the hypothetical future where I have a house (and a job).

Well, off to Joanns. I need some fabric for an rr I'm late on (d'oh) and to replace the plastic needle from my niece's cross-stitch kit that I broke when I was trying to attach the thong-y bit to the flip flop piece. (Oops.) I also need a neat button for my grandmother's felted purse. It is black with purple eyelash yarn around the top. I'd like a black and purple fimo clay button, but I'm not willing to make it myself or to shell out the outrageous $$ knitting stores get for buttons. I'll have her pose when it's finished.

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