Thursday, February 24, 2005

Miss You

Sharing limited dial-up internet access with three other adults stinks. I miss reading your blogs. I miss blogging! I hate this computer which randomly moves the cursor while I am typing. I have much to share, but so little time:
* Arch Angel is nearly done. Will be as soon as I get some WDW I ran out of.
* My handpainted booga and sissy's "Kate Spade" booga are complete. I ran out of yarn on the Sophie. I have pictures to share but no software (my nieces modeled).
* I am making great strides on the DT Baby Sampler. Just a few more bands.
* We've found three local knitting shops, and won't be going back to the one staffed by bitches.
* I started and nearly finished the HIHN Wooly Angel, or whatever it is called.
* I'm caught up with my round robins and will be returning to my rotation soon.

Hope to have pictures, more time, a better connection and a gobelin-free keyboard soon.

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