Thursday, December 09, 2004

Patience is a Virtue

It turns out that my lns is open all the way to 5:30. So 9:00-5:00 cross-stitchers need to work very close, like at the airport, if they want to visit during the week. At any rate, this lns is under new ownership and there are some notable changes, even though I didn't inspect the store that carefully. (When I realized I might also be able to get to the post office before it closed, I was in, out, and on my way.) I did notice that she is carrying knitting stuff as well as needlepoint and cross-stitch stuff. I saw only a handful of xs patterns, but again this wasn't an inspection. Still, she's got floss and fabric, which is enough for me.

After I made it to the post office with five minutes to spare, I was on a high. I boogied over to the children's book shop, and knocked off four presents from the list. I went in with a couple of ideas, and my list was more than ablely suplemented by the staff. I left with
The Paperbag Princess for my niece who was a "Wicked Princess"* for Halloween; Taxi Dog for my other niece whose first (and almost only word) was "puppy," although I really wanted to get her Open Me, I'm a Dog; Pete's a Pizza for one nephew, from Uncle Pete, of course!; and Frederick, because it espouses the importance of art in our culture, for the other (the poet mouse is accused of not "working"--what a different world this would be if W's favorite children's book were Frederick instead of The Very Hungry Catepillar). I also got a belated birthday present for one nephew: The Knight and the Dragon.
And searching all these titles on clued me in that Taxi Dog is a series. Because these kids have birthdays in January, February, March and April. And the buying starts all over again.

Of course, this all means I'm still not done with the Wee Santa. Grrr.

* My cousin bought a pattern for a "medieval princess" costume. Someone asked A. what she was going to be for Halloween. She replied, "A wicked princess." (Not, as grammy reported earlier "an evil princess.")

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