Thursday, November 25, 2004

I Never Do These Sunday Brunch Memes...

1). How do you cook your turkey? (Stuffing, spices, cooking bag, etc.)
There is an elaborate method propogated by Dave Maynard of WBZ radio in Boston. It involves cooking the turkey partly upside down on toast. This is how my entire family cooks turkey. Planning this is my annual attempt at math.

2). What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?
Since I can no longer eat wheat, I concentrate on the other stuff. My cousin is making creme brulee for us this year. We'll see.

3). What are you doing this year for Thanksgiving?
Last year was the first in 18 that I travelled over Thanksgiving weekend. My husband, sister and I flew to National to go to my cousin's house. It was such a relaxing holiday visit--just "the kids"--that we decided to do it again this year, but now they live outside of Philadelphia.

4). Do you have any family traditions for Thanksgiving?
Well, we're making them up now that we have a parentless-by-choice holiday. Last year, we ate when the food was ready (rather than the mad scramble of getting it all done by 1:00); we each made something we felt like making/really needed to make it the "holiday;" and we played games after the babies went to bed. We'll probably keep that last one.

5). What one dish does it just not feel like Thanksgiving without besides turkey?
It used to be my mom's broccoli casserole, basically cheese sauce with broccoli in. Now that feels so heavy. I like homemade cranberry sauce, and I wish I could eat oyster stuffing--although I make my dad's triple corn stuffing (really from the Black Family Reunion Cookbook). The recipe begins, fry half a pound of bacon, reserving the drippings. You can see I'm adjusting to the new wheat-free diet. Last year, I just risked it. Boy did I feel like crap. Thanksgiving is really tricky. I don't think I have it worked out quite yet.

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