Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ivy McHive

The dr took my blood and wrote me a referral to the dermatologist. She gave me prescription zantac and refilled the zirtec too. When I got back to campus to fill them, the fire alarm was going off in the student union, which is the convenient location of the pharmacy. I didn't feel like waiting. Well I should have. This morning I woke up with angiodema on my lip and one eye. (I don't look as bad as that photo, but it gives you the idea). One time, in the last episode, I looked like this. It was a little difficult to use my mouth. The good thing about angiodema is that they go away pretty quickly.

The rotten part of it all is that I'm worse. More hives, new angiodema and itchier. I slept less. I'm also a little cranky because I have hives on the soles of my feet and it feels like I'm walking on marbles. Okay, time to walk over to the pharmacy and see if they'll give me a zirtec right now.

The worrisome part of the dermatology visit is the second reason doc is sending me: the black mole on my back. It's never happy to see the word "melanoma" on your referral.

You'll forgive the lack of stitching content today...

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