Friday, October 22, 2004

Back in Black

I spent last night shopping for funereal clothes. I think I have achieved an appropriately funebrial look, although this death has not funeralized me. And clearly, I haven't lost my sense of humor.

I think I'll just wear dark glasses--hello, I live in L.A.--and dab at my cheeks at appropriate times. I still need to get a coat and shoes. Of course I have one winter jacket that is 13 years old, and white, and--did I mention?--out of date. I also have a trenchcoat with a wool lining that would be appropriate if it weren't bright red. Man, I've really had to shell out for this thing. I almost bought a fake persian lamb coat (it's chenille) but the price tag and the fact that it won't keep me warm at Christmas time really put a damper on it. My memere had a coat just like it, only real persian lamb. It was so retro. If I had more time, I'd scour the thrift stores. As it is, I'll head to Loehmann's tonight to see what they have. And if I can't get proper shoes--all I wear are clogs and slides--I'll have to head to Nordies. I hate this last minute, full-priced shopping. Clearly, I need more black in my wardrobe.

Anyway, we're going dark here until October 28th. Should have some things to show off when I return from this unplanned trip.

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