Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Uh oh, I'm knitting

I didn't feel like stitching last night. I felt like knitting. So I got out all my old yarn and started making a scrap scarf. Basically, it's knit lengthwise and each row is knit with a different strand (leaving tails on both ends). So far, it is embarrassingly ugly. I think I need some plain brown and olive yarns as opposed to the mixed-tone Homespun I am using. I'm going to miss this month's Stitch n Bitch yarn swap too. I was hoping not to buy anything new for this scarf. I have a few plans for Christmas knitting that are going to take $$--and for those relatives I don't mind shelling out. I'm thinking SIL2 might like a Booga Bag, and SIL1 will like a Sophie. Or, I could use up the tons of yarn I have leftover from her scarf and make a hat to match. I can do a scarf for cousin2 since she wasn't around to get one last year. Auntie Em might like a Sophie bag too. I might do an eyelash yarn sweater for my sister's dog (you have to scroll and click through for the dog sweater). Grandma, who got the purple eyelash yarn scarf last year, will get a "no hair day" hat (she's not undergoing chemo, she just has no hair) to match, and maybe a coppery one too depending on how quickly that goes. I can't believe Christmas is only 143 days away!

I like having something to do on the ride into work. Knitting is good for that. I have stitched in the car (on the trip across country, and I got lots done), but the pattern needs to be easy to follow and straightforward. The pieces I am working on lately are too big and complicated to manage in the front seat of a Honda Civic. Knitting fits. Even if you are knitting the Ugliest Scarf in Creation.

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