Friday, August 06, 2004

Ugly Duckling

I finished the Ugliest Scarf Ever, and I think it turned out well. The extra colors and the additional fringe I added seem to really do something for it. Unfortunately, no pictures today because the camera was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am going to use this technique again; I love the variety of colors and textures, and it's a real no brainer.

I went to the other craft stores to replace the pink Pearl yarn and saved $1 on the fun fur, $2 on the baby soft, and $3 on the wool-ease thick and quick. Neither store carried the Chenille T&Q in hot pink. But if I can get my office packed up (they're moving us again) and the little bit of work I plan to do today done quickly, I'll be able to head to the LYS before we head out of town tomorrow morning. Then I'll be able to get some wool for felting, the right size needles for my grandmother's no-hair-day hat, and the hot pink chenille.

Loyal readers will allow me a few days' vacation. We're off to Philadelphia to interview/visit friends and family. Well, less of the former than we had hoped, but the latter should make up for it. Back Thursday.

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