Friday, August 27, 2004

Subversive Stitches

Remember back on July 28th (I looked it up) I complained about knitting being more mainstream than needlework? (To be honest, I think I complain about that more often, but we'll go with the most recent.) Subversive Cross-stitch is doing lots to change that. I love the divergence between form and function--the way that your gramma's country cross-stitch cows and bunnies are subverted by your teenage cousin's attitude. So I bought three: Happy Holidays, Go Fuck Yourself, and Bitch Bitch Bitch, which is, of course, only to be expected. Julie's work is heading to the mainstream via and Urban Outfitters. is carrying the less offensive ones, "Whatever" and "Get Lost." Urban Outfitters, however, has balls. With any luck people will begin to see that stitching doesn't have to be all cutesy-cutesy, and as one person who found out that I stitched told me, tacky. Now, if only Julie at Subversive Cross-stitch would sell patterns only; use linen; and take the designs up a notch in difficulty. Well, I had to bitch about something.

What kind of bitch am I?

Sarcasta-Bitch: Well aren't you the clever one? you
have a witty answer for everything and that's
why you've been labled as a bitch. But always
remember there's always someone out there who's
more sarcastic than you (me for example) but
keep up the good work.

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