Monday, August 02, 2004

One Giant Mother of a Finish

I have completed the afghan. I can't believe it! Only four months after I had hoped to have it done. You'd have thought that between 2001 and April 2004, I could have found four months to work on it... But it is done, done, done, done, done. I would have blogged about it sooner, but our computer has Windows98 which means we can't upload a newer IE free from work which means the home computer is incompatible with the new blogger.

So on Saturday, I worked on
Toy Gatherer because outside of the goals I set up for July, my rotation is kind of sketchy. After ten hours on that, I started Drawn Thread's Birth Band Sampler. I tried to explain the new start to my husband who eyed me suspiciously while I cocked it up (the first motif starts in the "wrong" place on the linen threads, so when I got to the exes I was half a stitch off). I don't see any reason not to start this. Not only is it really small, it's for his sister who's due in October. I need to get this started!

How did I do last month?
10 more hours/complete the afghan a
10 hours on Watercolor Geraniums a
Complete "Be Thee Mine" by July 14 a
10 hours on Treasured Tulips a
bonus: ten hours on Toy Gatherer

August goals: I need some help, people. As you know, in late April when I started this drive to Get Stuff Done, I had a
list of about 20 items to complete. I've done eight and lost one. I have been actively working on five in my rotation: Roly Poly, Toy Gatherer, Williamsburg Doorway, Watercolor Geraniums, and Treasured Tulips. And now I've added the Birth Band Sampler. That's 2 smallish and 4 large. I'm not going to finish anything soon by doing 10 hours on each. So, I'm wondering, should I make a new active rotation? Adding something that's small and maybe taking out the Watercolor Geraniums because I can't bear stitching with three strands lately? The problem with taking WG out of the rotation is that there are too many floss colors so I would have to put the floss back into storage for use with other projects. OTOH, the last time I had to take the floss out of storage for this project, I was going back to the storage box about every third color while I stitched. There are so many blended needles that the list is impossible to follow when you're pulling floss. Oh, sure I could just make a list from what I have in the travel case now, since it's all there and it's in numerical order, but that wouldn't give me the excuse I need to hate this project.
Okay, we'll go with this for the August Goals:
Roly Poly 10 hours
Toy Gatherer 10 hours
Williamsburg Doorway 10 hours
Birth Band Sampler 10 hours
Sunflower Smalls 10 hours

unless you've got something better for me?

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