Thursday, July 29, 2004

Creative Chicks, RIP

I got an e-mail today that the Creative Chicks webring is no more.  I must have sensed it, leading to yesterday's tour.
I was checking out the Rotation Stitcher's forum, thinking about joining.  There's some chat about blogging on it, and I should check out those blogs, but one woman asked why she'd blog if she had the BB.  And I have the opposite question, why would I join a BB when I can blog?  It's not like I'd have much more to say for myself than I do here, and I'd have to spend a lot more time online to keep up with things.  OTOH, I'd be making more connections with other stitchers.  (In the meantime, I've joined cross-stitch meetup, and I'll go if we're around, although there's only one other person from my area signed up.)  If I had a third hand, I'd wonder if there were enough stitchers like me to make a BB worth my while.  The participants are more sophisticated stitchers (they all stitch the ladies and Teresa Wentzler designs) than most of the people on craftster from what I can tell, and that's a good thing, but you know I have the fear of others.

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