Thursday, June 10, 2004

That was a Flame?

What did I say? I mean, I agreed that there were many reasons finishers were finishers and starters were starters. Let's face it, no one really thinks it's a character flaw to finish what you start! Most of my post was about sticking up for the starters. Then, I admitted I did an ungenerous reading of Needles Excellency (I'm not going to use names because that can be read as calling out and I'm not). To me, and others who've studied literary criticism, to be ungenerous in a reading means to read only the most narrow way, the most negative connotation of the words. I was completely aware I was doing it. If I had been generous, what would there have been for me to say? Hell, I look at some people's finished projects and I wouldn't want them on my walls either! I spent a whole paragraph agreeing that starters might lack the competitive spirit that finishers have. I have no problem with not being competitive; I have no problem that other people are competitive (my sister learned how in B-school--I still love her). And then I ended with a feel-the-love paragraph on how all crafty-types are excessive and the author of Needles Excellency is one of us. And now I'm being accused of not knowing how to read. Sisters, I didn't get this Ph.D. in English because my head's up my ass.

Anyway, a while back I had a problem with dry skin on my hands. Someone (can I say?) suggested "No Crack" cream and white gloves. I've been trying to find white gloves that aren't outrageously expensive for ages and this gave me the impetus to really search. I gave up on Los Angeles completely. The Vermont Country Store has it all! You gotta love a place that carries the most retro stuff ever. Want old school toys? How about gum popular in the 60s? Oil cloths, perfume your grandmother wore, nightcaps--it's all here. White cotton gloves for sleeping and No Crack cream 2 of each under $25 (plus shipping and handling, regular disclaimers apply). The No Crack sort of has the consistency of Crisco, so I wouldn't use it on my hands before I stitched, but it's great to smear on at bedtime. My hands are back to looking young. They match my young-looking face. In a place like L.A. where you can get an eye-job, botox, and a chin-lift, people look at your hands to see age. The plastic surgeons are even doing hand-jo helping women's hands look younger through surgery. I just saved myself a bundle. ;)

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