Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Happy New Year

Well kids and kidlets we have less than 4 months to the big party when the afghan project needs to be complete. Unfortunately, the trip to NH with its attendant five hour plane ride was lost to the project. I just couldn't bring it along given how large it was and how little time I'd have to work on it out of my mother's sight. She does seem to be cooling on the idea of the party, though, so perhaps I don't need to have it done for her specific birthday, but more like her birth month.

When we put up the tree with all its Santa ornaments, I couldn't help but long to stitch some more. And I did...I finished Olde Time Santas Sinter Klaus (Dutch) and Father Christmas (Irish); and two very old kits another Sinter Klaus and a Santa with striped socks. Sure it dug into the afghan time, but so did finishing my cousin's scarf (12/24) and my sister's shawl (12/27). It made all of us so happy.

I'm doing a lot of paring down of my craft stuff. It's just everywhere and seems to be breeding. I'm sure none of you know that feeling. :) So I've resolved to get rid of about 80 craft books--I guess I should have stopped buying books through the mail well before I did. I'm also getting rid of the scraps from various kit projects. I always save the pattern, thinking I may want to do another (who am I kidding?). But now, I've stapled the original picture to the pattern, written down good DMC number matches for the floss, and thrown the crap out. It's remarkable how much less space that takes. I've also found that I have about half a dozen duplicates. I've got to find out how to sell stuff either on ebay or wherever. I've got stuff, boy howdy.

Here's to less of it in 2004.

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