Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Well, that was an adventure!

I didn't expect to be so long getting back here. I was stuck in San Francisco an extra day because of the fires in Southern California. While my apartment is not in any danger, the air traffic controllers were, and everything got shut down on Sunday. Much was back up on Monday--of course, we had to fly on a different airline and into Orange County about 40 minutes south of where we expected to end up. Oh, and we had to wait an extra 1.5 hours on the runway before we could take off. Everyone was well behaved except for the Big Idiot sitting behind us who doesn't think the U.S. should be brought in to help pay for the bazillion dollars in damages because the fires are "local." But mostly I could tune out her yammering.

At any rate, the hotel didn't have a yellow pages, so I couldn't find any cool stitching stores to check out. I did, however, manage to get us to the Asian Art Museum for a quick look before the wedding. I saw some lovely Korean wrappers (patchwork fabric giftwrap) and some Tibetan weaving. I like seeing textiles in museums. I am a sucker for it. I once spent an hour looking at a (as in one) needle casket in the V&A. I only moved on because there was more needlework to see.

I worked on the sampler for the Dude on the planes and in our downtime. "When in love I do commence, may it be with a man of sense." Whenever I tell him he's silly, he says, in his very serious English voice, "No I'm not; I'm sensible." So in addition to being cotton for our second anniversary (last July), it's very apropos. I love the colors as well, and it's on Meadowlark fabric from R&R. FABULOUS mottling in pinky-peach and blues on a greeny-gold.

I'm going to a card making workshop at the scrapbook store with Sissy tonight. I'm never going to finish this afghan, am I?