Friday, October 24, 2003

The Chapter on Whales

I'm in a bit of a mood. I haven't been stitching. I reorganized the scrapbook materials on Tuesday because my husband asked if we had "to have all this crap all over the place." Mostly he's a good guy and he understands my need for crap all over the place. But it took me some time to put into place a new filing system for 8.5x11 papers and all scraps. It'll do until I have my fantasy craft room. It would be a whole room that would have big windows, and two comfy chairs with ottomans (because my legs are short and no comfy chairs are ever short enough). Two, so stitchy friends could visit. Then I'd have bookcases for all my craft books and also my giant binders with my cross-stitch booklets. I'd have a nice big closet for the yarn and fabric stash. Maybe the room could be lined with bookcases and the yarn and fabric could be stored on them in lined baskets. There'd be a section to keep all the 12x12 paper flat--like in stores. And a big work table. I'm not sure if I want it waist-high or chair height. Two tables! And I'd never have to pick up after myself or take my cross-stitch projects off the edge of the chair or ... or... or... That'd be nice. What's your craft room fantasy? Are you living it? Maybe you should e-mail me instead of using this stupid comments feature I can't read.

I had to send off the knitted goods to England, so on Wednesday I finished the baby's hat.

On Thursday, I played hookie--I was sick of going to work--and ran errands all day and cleaned my kitchen and packed because we are off to San Fran this weekend for a wedding at Grace Cathedral. I'm wicked excited to get out of Dodge, but I find it deeply troubling that I have put aside the afghan for so long. And for this weekend too. It's just too big when we're carrying everything on with us. I did bring a couple of UFOs: Carriage House Samplings's "Hearts and Flowers" which I almost finished in time for my "cotton anniversary" and Bent Creek's "Wooly Zipper" which I bought to do on this kind of trip. There may be one or two more little projects tucked in the bag, but no scissors. After a heart-wrenching moment in the Tulsa airport, I am meticulous about scissors. Will that hold you until Monday?

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